The Missing

This entry is unusual in that the people listed here are not dead, but missing. They are all autistic or were reported to be autistic, and all are missing under circumstances that implies that someone meant them harm.

Unlike the memorials proper, these people have a chance–however slim–of still being found alive. Remember their names, remember their faces, and we may one day have cause to either celebrate their survival or mourn their loss. Until then, these cases remain unsolved.


Yu Man-HonName: Yu Man-Hon
Date Missing: August 8, 2000
Age at Disappearance: 15
Last Known Location: Yau Ma Tei MTR station, Hong Kong
Circumstances: Yu Man-Hon became separated from his mother and crossed the border into mainland China, where authorities tried to return him to Hong Kong but were turned away at the border. There have been reports that Yu Man-Hon was beaten to death at a shelter, but his mother refuses to have him declared dead.

I won't have my missing boy declared dead
Missing in China

Date Missing:
Age at Disappearance:
Last Known Location:

Jason SimsName: Jason Sims, Jr.
Date Missing: January 1, 2015
Age at Disappearance: 15
Last Known Location: Fairfield, Alabama, USA
Circumstances: Amidst a child neglect investigation, Jason's parents were jailed for neglecting Jason's three siblings. When they were arrested, Jason was reported as having been missing for more than three weeks. Ominously, he had never attended school and had no medical records. The photo at right is an age-progressed version of the only available picture of Jason, which was taken when he was a small child.
Description: African American, approximately 5'6” and 125 pounds, with black hair and black eyes.

Fairfield police release age-progressed image of missing teen
Police search missing autistic teen Jason Sims' home, release age-enhanced photo

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