Vincent Milletich

Name: Vincent Milletich
Died: July 23, 1985
Age at death: 22
Cause of death: Died while restrained
Location: Providence, Maryland, USA

Vincent was a student at a residential center which used aversives. One of the punishments they used on him was to put a helmet on his head which blasted painfully loud static into his ears.

"Milletich was restrained in a chair, his hands and feet tied by plastic cuffs, his face masked and his head helmeted, the earphones inside it emitting white noise. He suffocated in there, asphyxiation."

Reports of Vincent's cause of death are varied. Some say he died of a seizure. The center claims he died of tardive dyskinesia, a movement disorder associated with antipsychotic medication. He may have suffocated. What is known is that he experienced a great deal of suffering and was given no help.

A judge ruled the death as being due to "negligence".

Editor's note: Though for most people it would be merely annoying, autistic people, who often have hyperacusis, would experience loud static through earphones as literal torture, causing overload and mental shutdown as severe as what most people would feel if they were suddenly dropped into ice water.

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