Adam Behan

Adam BehanName: Adam Behan*
Died: February 17, 1992
Age at death: 22
Cause of death: Drug overdose; drowning
Location: Western Australia, Australia

Adam's younger sister Kaili writes:

17 February marked the 23rd anniversary of my beautiful and vulnerable autistic brother Adam’s death– he died from a heroin overdose…. Adam was at a party ostensibly to celebrate turning 22. In reality the “party” was just another excuse for those who should have been caring for him to indulge their own vices and he was left alone.

My darling brother was not a drug user, in fact he was so anti-drugs that he actually called Crime Stoppers when he found a joint in my backpack when I was 13. It was me that was the family rebel of sorts.

My brother was preyed upon by thoughtless dickheads who thought it would be funny to get the “retard” wasted.

I am sure they never meant to kill him, however among other things, once he was vulnerable and could not defend himself after having been fed a cocktail of prescription medications and alcohol, the perpetrators decided that as he was still lucid to administer him a shot of heroin mixed with Oxycodone – a “hot shot”.

The drugs reacted with his existing medication and began to slow his heart.

My 6’4” big beautiful brother regained consciousness long enough to try and make his way home – a short walk up the beach in the dark of night. Sadly, he collapsed and the incoming tide washed over him, sealing what was already inevitable.

Adam was found at dawn by a woman walking her dog. My brother died on his 22nd birthday, 23 years ago.

Due to many factors, which as an 18-year-old girl, I found hard to fathom – and still do as a 41-year-old woman, the four perpetrators were never held accountable for their crime.

Adam's sister told the story of her brother's death to explain that she is against executing two convicted drug smugglers who are on death row in Indonesia. Kaili is frustrated that it is being said that the families of drug-overdose victims would want these men executed. Instead, Kaili wants the men's sentences to be commuted to life in prison, so that their families do not have to suffer from losing a son as Kaili's family did. In her plea, Kaili argues that even though her "beautiful, compassionate" brother Adam died from a heroin overdose, she still stands for mercy.

*Behan is the last name of Adam's sister. I was unable to find out whether it was Adam's last name too, but it's the best guess I have right now.

‘Drugs killed my brother… but I don’t want the Bali Nine pair to be executed’: Woman whose sibling overdosed after being given a heroin 'hot shot' wants mercy for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran
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