Jason Tallman

Jason TallmanName: Jason Tallman
Died: May 13, 1993
Age at death: 12
Cause of death: Suffocation during restraint
Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Jason was a voracious reader. At only twelve years old, he had read all of Tom Clancy’s books and most of Michael Crichton’s. Bored at school, he distracted other students until the school system put him on homebound instruction.

After a year at home and against his parents’ wishes, the state put Jason in a residential facility. A day later, his parents got a call that Jason had “passed out”. In reality, Jason had been restrained after threatening to run away. Counselors grabbed him, pinned him face-down against a pillow, and suffocated him.

The counselor who killed Jason was charged, but later cleared of those charges.

Kidspeace Counselor Charged In Boy’s Death

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