Jon Henley

Black-and-white school portrait photo of a boy with dark skin and very short dark hair.Name: Jon "Jon-Jon" Leander Henley
Died: April 2, 1997
Age at death: 14
Cause of death: Medical neglect; untreated seizure
Location: Margate, Florida, USA

Fourteen-year-old Jon-Jon lived in residential care because his home school district had said they weren't equipped to teach him. He had autism and epilepsy, and was supposed to be on 15-minute checks.

On the night he died, he was sleeping in a bunk bed, and his bunkmate went to staff and told them that Jon was shaking the bunk bed. Staff did not help him or even recognize the obvious seizure; they just told him to keep quiet.

Jon-Jon was found dead in bed the next morning. He had died of a seizure that would not end, and despite his bunkmate's attempts to help him and the fifteen-minute checks he was supposed to get, no one had noticed.

Several months later, a tipster called the state child abuse hotline and reported that Jon-Jon's seizures had been ignored by staff, and that he had received inadequate treatment. At his autopsy, the levels of seizure medication in his blood were far below therapeutic levels.

Paige Lunsford died at the same institution.

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