Michael Clement

Name: Michael Clement
Died: May 18, 1997
Age at death: 15
Cause of death: Police shooting
Location: Plano, Texas, USA

Michael was fifteen years old, intellectually disabled and autistic. His parents had hired a respite carer to transport him home from school. On the day of his death, the carer did not take him home; instead, she took him to a respite facility where she worked. With his routine unexpectedly changed and suddenly deposited in an unfamiliar environment, Michael had a meltdown. His carer called the police, which made Michael even more upset [Ed.: Police sirens, unfamiliar people, and people shouting at Michael would have made it even harder for him to calm down]. Michael went to the kitchen and was heard rummaging in a silverware drawer, and when he came back out, he had a knife in his hand. Only 19 seconds after the police officer arrived, he shot Michael twice. Michael died.

Michael’s parents sued the police officer and the town. As of 2000, they had appealed their case, the appeals court had ruled in their favor, and the case was being returned to court for further consideration. I am unable to find further information on the outcome of the case.

Court of Appeals of Texas, Dallas. Warren H. CLEMENT and Pauline Clement, Individually and as Heirs of the Estate of Michael Clement, Deceased, Appellants, v. THE CITY OF PLANO, Appellee.
No. 05-98-00621-CV.

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