Calvin Champion

Name: Calvin Champion
Died: April 30, 2000
Age at death: 32
Cause of death: Killed by police during restraint
Location: Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Calvin Champion had autism, developmental delay, and a heart condition. He often spent weekends with his sister and attended church with her.

He was in the parking lot of a department store with an aide and the aide’s daughter when he had a “minor behavioral incident”. The aide locked herself and her daughter in her van and called police. His aide did not tell the police that Champion was autistic, and did not know his full name.

Police sprayed Champion with pepper spray, restrained him face-down, handcuffed him and tied his legs together, and did not roll him onto his side when he vomited. Champion died of a combination of asphyxiation, aspiration of vomit, and heart failure.

Inclusion Daily: The Death of Calvin Champion
Death of Autistic Man Questioned

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