Brahim Dukes

Name: Brahim Dukes
Died: December 29, 2001
Age at death: 18
Cause of death: Starvation
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Brahim’s birth mother abandoned him when he was an infant, and his father re-married. The family was poor. When his father went to jail because he could not pay traffic tickets, his stepmother was left to care for him. Brahim was kept in an unheated back room, in December, without food, for at least two weeks. By the time paramedics found him, he was dead. Brahim’s stepmother was initially tried for first-degree murder, then third-degree murder; but the judgment was reversed because it violated the double-jeopardy rule.

McDaniels v. Warden Cambridge Springs SCI, 070617 FED3, 14-3485
Father of autistic teen had rejected help Brahim Dukes died while his father and caretaker, Dewey Gillespie, was in jail. Gillespie halted the city’s aid a year ago.
Stepmom’s Murder Charge Reinstated in Starved Teen’s Death
Stepmother faces trial in murder case

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