Charles Mancill

Name: Charles Mancill
Died: February 13, 2002
Age at death: 24
Cause of death: Suffocation during restraint
Location: Wayne County, Michigan, USA

Charles was a resident of a home for the developmentally disabled; he was diagnosed with autism and moderate intellectual disability. On the day he died, staff took him and others shopping. Charles took a toy from the shelf and left the store. Staff chased him and pinned him down in the parking lot, sitting or lying down on top of him. Charles’s lungs were so compressed that he died of suffocation. A customer called police, but by then it was too late.

Investigation into the death led to the conclusion that store employees were blameless in Charles’s death because even if they had called the police earlier, police would not have prevented the staff members from restraining Charles.

State of Michigan Appeals Court document

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