Nozomu Shinozaki

Nozomu ShinozakiName: Nozomu Shinozaki
Died: February 27, 2003
Age at death: 22
Cause of death: Murder (Beating)
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Nozomu Shinozaki was a Japanese student, studying at Columbus Academy in west Auckland. Japanese young people commonly study in foreign countries because it makes it easier for them to get jobs on their return home.

Columbus Academy was an unregistered school which claimed to help "troubled teenagers". It was, at the time of Shinozaki's murder, under investigation for fraudulently overcharging parents.

At some point during his stay at Columbus, Nozumu committed some petty theft and set small fires. He admitted to these and apologized for them.

Nozumu was kidnapped by thirteen of his fellow students. For hours they interrogated him about the thefts and arson, and when his answers did not satisfy them, they beat him for three hours until he died.

Four of the nine students were sentenced to 3 1/2 years in jail. The others were not punished.

Four men jailed 3-1/2 years for beating student to death
Clamps go on foreign student industry
A Lonely World

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