Cameron Hamilton

Photo: Toddler boy with fair skin and blond hair cut short and sticking up. He has his mouth open in laughter, and is wearing a red and black sports jersey.Name: Cameron Hamilton
Died: December 5, 2005
Age at death: 2
Cause of death: Murder (Head Trauma)
Location: Idaho, USA

Cameron attended a day-care center where one of the staff was an ABA therapist who had lost her license for heroin use. On the day he died, she took him to her home for a private session (though she didn’t have permission to do so), and then returned him to the center unconscious and bruised, claiming he was asleep.

Cameron was taken to the hospital, but his brain was too injured to recover; it wasn’t long before it became clear that he was brain-dead. Cameron was taken off life support and died in his father’s arms.

His killer is now in prison, where she continues to use heroin when she can get away with it.

Cameron Hamilton
Autistic toddler murdered by ABA therapist
E. Idaho prison disciplines woman inmate in drug plot

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