Sarah Crider

Photo of Sarah Crider, a teenage girl with shoulder-length brown hair and fair skin, wearing a blue sweater and red nail polish. She is smiling, and eating something from a spoon.Name: Sarah Crider.
Died: February 13, 2006.
Age at death: 14.
Cause of death: Medical neglect.
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Sarah was a seventh-grader in special education. She liked watching cartoons and helping her grandmother in the garden. She kept her clothes spotlessly clean and would change her clothing as much as three times a day.

Sarah was institutionalized in a state hospital, where she was overmedicated to the point of looking like “a zombie” to her family. The drugs also caused chronic constipation and an intestinal blockage that went untreated. Then, even though Sarah was in obvious distress, vomiting blood, staff ignored her until she had been dead for several hours.

Sarah’s family remembers her this way:
Sarah was adored for all her complexities. She was artistic but troubled, challenging but comic. She loved cartoons and enjoyed gardening with her grandmother. Given the choice, she would have eaten ice cream with every meal.

Death of 14-year-old Georgia girl helped trigger sweeping reform
Five years, 115 patients dead who might have lived
Sarah Elizabeth Crider (1991 – 2006)
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Georgia to pay $1.25 million in wrongful death suit
Ga. Settles Wrongful Death Suit in Teen’s Death at Georgia Regional
Justice Increases Efforts to Enforce Olmstead Ruling
Sarah Crider

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