Brendan Blum

Brendan BlumName: Brendan Blum
Died: June 28, 2007
Age at death: 14
Cause of death: Medical neglect
Location: Draper, Utah, USA

"Brendan was a talented and spirited teen whose passions were wrestling, golf, rollerblading, science fiction, chess, the Simpsons, and Led Zeppelin. A very athletic boy, he played AYSO soccer, and Brendan was involved in karate, wrestling, and golf. He was an exceptional golfer at a very young age." Brendan had a sense of justice that led him to advocate for disability rights. He planned to start an anti-bullying campaign at his school.

Read Brendan's family's tribute to him.

Brendan was enrolled in a behavior modification program. When he presented with vomiting and diarrhea, staff simply sent him to bed instead of giving him medical attention. The next morning, he was found dead.

Brendan James Blum
Brendan Blum – Death at Utah treatment center
News Files

Four recent Utah deaths in treatment programs

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