Maia Comas

Maia ComasName: Maia Comas
Died: December 3, 2007
Age at death: 2
Cause of death: Drowning
Location: Sydney, Australia

When Maia Comas was diagnosed with Rett syndrome, her parents wanted to euthanize her. Maia's mother asked for "a legal injection to put [Maia] to sleep". She also talked about jumping off a cliff with Maia. She said, "I don’t want to see my daughter become a monster, to become ugly… I’d rather her die now than die slowly…. I want to get on with my life and not see all this ugliness – clinics, home disabled people, doctors." Her father asked a social worker, "Why do they keep children with these disabilities alive?" He wanted to go traveling with his wife, and Maia's disability would hinder them.

Social workers became troubled by Maia's parents' reaction to her diagnosis, especially when they offered support and the parents only wanted euthanasia.

Shortly before Maia was to be moved to a foster home, her mother found Maia floating in a wading pool. She could not be revived.

The coroner could not determine whether Maia's death had been accidental. However, he did note that Maia's mother was a qualified swimming instructor who knew the danger the wading pool posed to an unsupervised child. She would've had to have passed the pool at least twice while searching for Maia. And when she found Maia, despite being CPR-certified, she did not attempt to resuscitate her daughter. Although unable to determine whether Maia's death was a homicide, the coroner did note that at the very least Maia's death resulted from the "great irresponsibility" of her parents.

News of daughter’s illness devastated parents, inquest told/
“Why do they keep children with these disabilities alive?”
Maia Coma's mother says an inability to perform CPR made her feel like a murderer
Coroner unable to say if baby Maia Comas' death was accidental
Coroner returns open finding into toddler Maia Comas's pool death
Parents greatly irresponsible over baby Maia's death: coroner

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