Seth Sueppel

Photo of a young Korean boy squatting on some grass, wearing a blue and white shirt. He is trying to smile, but squinting into the sun.Name: Seth Sueppel
Died: March 3, 2008
Age at death: 8
Cause of death: Bludgeoned with a baseball bat
Location: Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Other victims:
Sheryl Sueppel, age 42, Seth’s mother.
Seth’s siblings, Ethan (10), Mira (5), and Eleanor (3).

Seth and his three siblings had been adopted from Korea.

He had pet rabbits that he loved. He liked music, and liked to grow flowers and vegetables in his garden.

Seth’s father, a bank executive indicted for embezzlement, killed his family and then committed suicide. At first he tried to kill them with carbon monoxide from the family van; when that didn’t work, he beat them to death with a baseball bat instead.

Iowa City Sueppel Murders
Ethan, Seth, Mira, Eleanor Sueppel
Find a Grave: Seth Sueppel

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