Alexis “Lexie” Agyepong-Glover

Alexis Agyepong-GloverName: Alexis "Lexie" Agyepong-Glover
Died: January 7, 2009
Age at death: 13
Cause of death: Murder (Hypothermia, drowning)
Location: Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

When Lexie was adopted, she already had reactive attachment disorder due to abuse, and things didn't get better for her. Her new "mother" was abusive, too. She made Lexie "earn" her food and clothing, and once beat her for putting on a shirt she had not "earned". Lexie was in the seventh grade, but her mother had withdrawn her from school, isolating her further.

But Lexie was a fighter. She ran away repeatedly. Her mother had her fit with a tracking bracelet, and she removed it and hid in a doghouse. Six weeks before her death, she showed up at a neighbor's house, wearing only her underwear, wrapped in a tarp, with a head wound caused by her mother. While they fed her, she explained that her mother beat her and neglected her, that they "kept sending her back". The neighbors called the police, who took Lexie to the hospital. Her mother accused Lexie of hurting herself, saying that Lexie was prone to self-injury. Social services let her take Lexie back home.

On the day of her death, Lexie's mother abandoned her in a freezing creek, in January, where she died of drowning and exposure. She left Lexie's bracelet at the town library and reported that Lexie had run away, that Lexie was autistic and had sickle-cell anemia. The town turned out to find Lexie. Two days later, they found her body.

Editor's note: It is unlikely that Lexie was actually autistic. Teachers reported that she had reactive attachment disorder, not autism, and neighbors said she was articulate and could communicate easily. However, because Lexie's mother claimed she was autistic, her case is included here.

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