Tyler Long

Black and white photo of Tyler Long, a teenage boy whose hair is cut in bangs. He has thick eyebrows, dark eyes, light skin, and braces on his teeth.Name: Tyler Long
Died: October 17, 2009
Age at death: 17
Cause of death: Suicide
Location: Murray County, Georgia, USA

He was a good student who was talented with computers; he was also a JROTC cadet and was learning karate. Tyler lived by the rules. At school, if a classmate broke a rule, he would remind them.

From the fifth grade onward, Tyler was bullied by classmates. His parents tried to intervene, but their concerns were brushed off. By seventeen, Tyler had become depressed, to the point that his parents described him as “a hollow person” whose pride had been taken away by the repeated assaults he endured at school.

Tyler committed suicide at the age of 17. He left behind a note that explained he could not endure the pain anymore.

Tyler’s parents have become anti-bullying advocates. His story was featured on a documentary, Bully.

FIRST ON 3: No Charges in Murray Co. Teen Suicide
Bullied to Death in America’s Schools
Tyler Lee Long Memorial Page (1992 -2009)

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