Timothy Aleshire

Photo: A light-skinned, brown-haired young man sits outdoors, eating fast food from a paper container. He is wearing sunglasses, a red cap, a black T-shirt with a logo, and blue shorts.Name: Timothy Aleshire
Died: January 8, 2010
Age at death: 27
Cause of death: Suffocated during restraint
Location: Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA

Timothy, who had schizophrenia and developmental disabilities in addition to autism, had a history of violent behavior. His mother says that during the time he lived with her, he had attacked her on several occasions. However, at twenty-one years old he was placed at a group home where he had 24-hour care and a staff with training that emphasized helping residents communicate their needs, and soon Tim was doing much better. He had learned to understand when he was becoming too angry, and would go to his room instead of attacking anyone. His records show steady improvement, and he had not attacked his mother at all in the six years he had spent there.

Timothy worked at a sheltered workshop. While he was there, he had a meltdown and took a swing at a co-worker. Four staff restrained him so that he could not breathe. He was taken to the hospital, but his brain had been without oxygen for too long. He died eight days later.

Timothy A. (Tim) Aleshire: Obituary
Gail Rosenblum: Could training in restraint use have averted this tragedy?

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