Montana Lance

Montana LanceName: Montana Lance
Died: January 21, 2010
Age at death: 9
Cause of death: Suicide (Hanging)
Location: The Colony, Texas, USA

Montana, who had a learning disability and a lisp, was bullied by classmates at school. They pushed him, called him names, and beat him up, and when he tried to ask for help, school authorities usually punished him instead of the bullies, calling him a "bad child" and a "tattletale". Montana tried to solve the problem himself. He brought a blunt pocketknife to school, intending to threaten the bullies to make them stop harassing him, deliberately choosing a blunt knife so that no one would be hurt. When he pulled the knife, Montana was sent away to an alternative school for eight days as a punishment.

Less than a month after that incident, Montana, who had just been bullied in the lunch line, was sent to the office for fighting; fellow students say that Montana was the target of the bullying and had never bullied other children himself. Nine-year-old Montana locked himself in the bathroom at the nurse's office and hung himself with his own belt. By the time staff got the door open, he was dead.

School staff denied any bullying had been going on and tried to get Montana's mother not to talk to anyone about her son's death. Montana's mother sued the school, but the lawsuit was dismissed.

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Texas School Not Liable for Montana Lance's Suicide

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