Ryan Emory

Ryan EmoryName: Ryan Emory
Died: February 28, 2010
Age at death: 16
Cause of death: Suicide? (Jumped from moving ambulance)
Location: Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Ryan Emory, age 16, had a history in the mental health system. He had been hospitalized regularly when he had meltdowns.

On the Friday before his death, he was taken to the hospital because of one such meltdown. On Sunday, he was told that he was going to be transferred back to a long-term care facility where he had stayed before. He was so desperate to avoid going to this facility that he had to be sedated.

Before he left in the ambulance, sedated and strapped to a cot, Ryan told his mother, "Goodbye. I'm going to rest now."

With the ambulance speeding down the interstate, Ryan freed himself from his restraints, got past a paramedic, opened the ambulance door, and jumped out onto the interstate. He died on impact from massive trauma.

Editor's Note: Ryan's death as a suicide is not absolutely certain. He was sixteen and verbal, and his words to his mother suggest that he may have been considering jumping from the ambulance. What is certain is that he had been a patient at this long-term care facility before, and so desperately wanted to avoid going there that he jumped from an ambulance going down the interstate at a speed high enough to result in near certain death, and that he was lucid enough at the time to get himself out of his restraints. Whether Ryan knew he was killing himself or whether he was simply trying to escape the ambulance, his death was preventable.

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