Gareth Oates

Gareth OatesName: Gareth Oates
Died: March 2, 2010
Age at death: 18
Cause of death: Suicide; lack of support
Location: Marsden, West Yorkshire, England, UK

At eighteen years old, Gareth had been fighting depression for nearly half his life. At eleven, he first talked about suicide. By eighteen, he had made a suicide attempt. His mother had been fighting to get social and medical services for Gareth–services which were consistently unavailable. Despite all this, Gareth had managed to make it to college.

But now that Gareth traveled alone to school, he had become more vulnerable to abuse. Gareth was bullied by fellow students at college, nicknamed "suicide boy". He was often harassed when he traveled on the trains, and in public places. The police did not step in to assist him.

The day before his death, a social worker told Gareth that he would be "better off dead than in college".

Gareth stepped in front of a train, killing himself.

Bullied Gareth Oates 'failed by agencies' before death
Autistic teenager who killed himself suffered years of intimidation at the hands of college bullies
Bullied autistic boy killed by train in Marsden was failed by health and social agencies say coroner
Suffolk: College bullies labelled autistic teenager ‘suicide boy’, inquest told

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