John Glenn Popple

John Glenn PoppleName: John Glenn Popple
Died: Sept. 14, 2010
Age at death: 48
Cause of death: Choking
Location: Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, USA

John Glenn Popple liked Halloween and liked to dress up.

When his family could no longer take care of him, John Glenn went to live at the best assisted living facility they could find. During his intake, John Glenn was evaluated and found to need one-on-one, direct line of sight supervision because he had a habit of stuffing too much food in his mouth, leaving him at "severe risk of choking".

However, even though staff knew of this need and the reason for it, John Glenn was left alone one night, and he went to the kitchen and stuffed jelly donuts into his mouth. By the time staff found him, he was choking, and the untrained staff member who found him couldn't help him. John Glenn died.

John Glenn's family sued the institution and, despite evidence tampering on the institution's part, won their case. In his honor, they donated the settlement to an intellectual disability association and to a child advocacy center.

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One thought on “John Glenn Popple

  1. John Glenn was my older brother. I was sitting alone last night thinking of him and I googled his name just to see his picture. I was unaware of this memorial and this website. I am very thankful that a total stranger took the time to acknowledge my brother John Glenn. It is 10 years since he passed away and I still struggle at times accepting his death. Like the memorial states John Glenn died because of the negligence of the staff at the group home. I pursued the group home legally and I am very thankful that I did. I would have never known what actually happened that night because some of the people involved lied and tried to coverup their actions.

    John Glenn was a beautiful person who truly was innocent.


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