Asher Brown

Asher BrownName: Asher Brown
Died: September 23, 2010
Age at death: 13
Cause of death: Suicide
Location: Houston, Texas, USA

Asher was a straight-A middle school student. Classmates bullied him constantly because he was Buddhist, because he was short and pigeon-toed and spoke with a lisp, and because he was gay. Asher had Asperger's. His parents tried to help; they repeatedly asked the school to step in. Nothing was done. The day before he died, one of Asher's classmates had kicked him down a flight of stairs. When he got up, they kicked him down a second one.

On the last day of his life, Asher came out to his parents, who had no problem with his orientation. They think he may also have told other students at school, who likely were not nearly so kind. Whatever happened that day, Asher returned home and shot himself in the head with his father's pistol.

Editor's Note: The primary issue in Asher's case was sexual orientation; however, his Asperger's would have made him even more vulnerable to abuse. Many of the memorials on this site are of people who are in multiple minority groups, a situation that often creates greater danger than being a member of only one minority group.

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