David Taylor

Sepia-tone photo of David Taylor, a young man in a striped collared shirt. He has pale skin and dark hair; his face is long and he has dark brown eyes.Name: David Taylor
Died: October 8, 2010
Age at death: 28
Cause of death: Beating; neglect
Location: Richmond, Texas, USA

David, a resident at an assisted living center, “loved Michael Jackson music, enjoyed bowling and swimming, and counted macaroni and cheese among his favorite foods.”

David was severely beaten by a staff member, left with severe internal injuries but alive. Because he could not speak, he could not explain what had happened to him. No one at the center checked his vital signs. For two days, David was left helpless in his bed until finally dying of his injuries.

A staff member was convicted of “causing bodily injury” for David’s death.

Houston Nurse sentenced to 10 years for $20m Medicare Fraud
Living centers for people with disabilities continue to struggle with abuse and neglect
Caregivers accused in assisted living center death
Group Home Faces Trial Over Killed Autistic Man
Parents Decry Abuse at Texas Care Home
Two Arrested in Connection to Death of David Taylor at a State Home in Richmond, TX

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