Jade Norton

Name: Jade Norton
Died: June 5, 2011
Age at death: 10
Cause of death: Suffocation
Location: Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK

Jade was a ten-year-old girl who liked to watch educational children's programming on TV. She often went to the park with her parents.

Jade had Rett syndrome, which caused epilepsy and limited her mobility. She slept in a bed designed to keep her from rolling out of it and hurting herself if she had a seizure. The bed had been assigned to her by the national health service.

Four years later, the bed had still never been serviced. Inevitably it wore out, its barriers faulty. Jade's parents petitioned the national health service for repairs or a new bed. The bed was dangerous as it was; with the barrier broken, Jade could fall out and hurt herself. There was no reply; her parents petitioned again. And again. Four requests, made over six weeks, were ignored.

Finally one night, a side rail on the bed gave way, and Jade tumbled out of it. Plastic sheets covered her face, and, unable to move, Jade suffocated. Her parents found her body in the morning and tried to revive her, but it was too late.

In her obituary, Jade's family expressed their wishes for her: "May the angels take you by the hand and keep you in their care… Night night, Jade; God bless."

The health agency was fined 50 thousand pounds.

Jade Norton: Obituary
Faulty NHS bed killed disabled girl despite FOUR warnings from her family that it was dangerous
Accident That Killed Our Daughter Should Never Have Happened
NHS faces criminal trial over death of disabled girl, 10, who fell out of faulty bed and was suffocated by a plastic sheet
Health bosses fined over death of disabled girl who fell from hospital bed

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