Richard Oland

Photo of Richard Oland. He is an elderly bald man with fair skin. He is wearing a suit, black tie, and glasses.Name: Richard "Dick" Oland
Died: July 7, 2011
Age at death: 69
Cause of death: Stabbed; bludgeoned
Location: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Dick was a businessman who studied genealogy as a hobby. He had been born well-to-do, and grew up to go to school for biochemistry, obtaining a Certificate of Brewing Technology. He married and had three children, a daughter and two sons. For a while, he worked at a brewery, but after a feud with his brother, he left and started his own business, a trucking company. He did very well, and his company grew.

As Dick sat in his office, he was ambushed, bludgeoned and stabbed to death by his son. At trial, prosecutors proposed that his son had killed him because he would not give his son money when he was asked.

Dennis Oland gets life in prison for killing father, Richard Oland – New Brunswick – CBC News
Dennis Oland's mother, Connie, shares 'living hell' – New Brunswick – CBC News
Murder of Richard Oland – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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