Ernest Vassell

Ernest VassellName: Ernest Vassell
Died: August 31, 2011
Age at death: 56
Cause of death: Shot by police
Location: North Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Ernest lived with his family. Every Sunday, he went to church with his nephew. He was autistic and disabled by a head injury from a fall as a child.

When police received 911 calls about a man walking around the neighborhood carrying a gun, they responded. Ernest, who was "scared of the police… scared of everything," did not comply with their commands. Police shot him to death.

The rifle turned out to be a toy.

North Miami Beach police kill mentally disabled man carrying toy gun
Family seeks answers after police shoot loved one
North Miami cops shoot and kill man carrying realistic toy gun; family says man was disabled
911 Calls Released In Deadly N. Miami Beach Police Shooting
Ernest Vassell, Autistic Man, Killed by North Miami Beach Police for Carrying Toy Gun

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