Evan Watkins

Photo of a young boy with sandy blond hair, fair skin, turned-up nose and brown eyes. He is smiling for the camera.Name: Evan Watkins
Died: September 30, 2011
Age at death: 4
Cause of death: Child abuse
Location: Lakeland, Florida, USA

Evan lived with his mother. At four years old, he was developmentally delayed and was awaiting evaluation for autism. Evan’s mother was dating a man who on occasion would babysit Evan.

After one of these times, Evan’s mother noticed that he was not feeling well. She tried over-the-counter medications, but he didn’t get any better. Suddenly, Evan died.

A police investigation revealed that Evan’s mother’s boyfriend had been regularly and systematically beating Evan, claiming that Evan’s mother was not disciplining him properly, so he had to make up for it when the boy was with him. He had punched Evan in the stomach and hit him in the head repeatedly. The fatal beating had taken place because Evan would not go to sleep.

Evan’s killer received a life sentence.

Man charged with beating child to death
Polk man gets life sentence for Lakeland boy’s death
Innocents Lost: Evan Hayden Watkins, 4

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