Cordero Webber Jr.

Name: Cordero Anthony Webber Jr.
Died: November 4, 2011
Age at death: 5 months
Cause of death: Fatal child abuse; head trauma
Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Cordero was born to parents who didn't seem to care about him. In the five months of his life, he never saw a doctor. Cordero often had injuries which his father would explain away.

Things got even worse for him when his mother started working, leaving his abusive father to take care of him. As he became more malnourished and accumulated injuries, the infant lost energy, and his father claimed that he thought little Cordero was autistic because he "couldn't hold his head up" and was always looking down and to the right.

At five months, Cordero's mother found him dead and called police. He had died of a head injury from a beating.

Both Cordero's mother and father were blamed for his death, but his father's lawyer tried to put the blame on his mother. "[She] was frustrated with my client and frustrated that her baby was autistic," the lawyer explained.

Cordero's father was convicted of manslaughter.

acksonville parents charged after malnourished baby's blunt-trauma death
"Primary caretaker" dad on trial for beating death of 5-month-old son (Jacksonville, Florida)
Parents Face Felony Neglect Charge; Baby Died of Head Trauma, Had Other Past Injuries and Was Malnourished
Jurors convict Jacksonville man in son's death

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