Michael Raven

Photo: A boy in a suit and blue tie, the tie slightly off-center, smiling for the camera. He has neatly cut blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.Name: Michael Raven
Died: November 28, 2011
Age at death: 12
Cause of death: Suicide
Location: Brunshaw, England, UK.

Michael was a “really nice, bright kid” who was doing very well at school. Michael loved reading; he spent many hours at the library and he filled his room with so many books that his parents had to put up extra shelves. He loved “Merlin” and “Doctor Who”. He played the tuba in his school band.

Michael was bullied by a gang of older girls. Sometimes he had things thrown at him in class. At one point he went to the head of the school and asked for help, but the bullying didn’t stop.

Michael went home from school and hung himself.

Hanged boy 12, ‘bullied by girl gang’
Schoolboy, 12, found hanged after he was ‘bullied by girl gang for being autistic’
Bullied For Being Autistic? 12-Year-Old Student Hangs Himself
Moving funeral of hanging victim Michael

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