Kesia Kearse

Kesia KearseName: Kesia Kearse
Died: June 11, 2012
Age at death: 5
Cause of death: Drowning
Location: Clearwater, Florida, USA

Kesia Kearse loved to give high-fives, and she loved water.

Her household had been reported to family services nine times, mostly with claims that the family's children were unsupervised or not fed enough. Two of Kesia's older siblings had once gotten lost, requiring a police helicopter to find them. Kesia herself had already nearly died once from falling into a community swimming pool.

Kesia left her house to play in a nearby pond. Her neighbors saw her and, when they realized she could not swim, they ran to rescue her; but they were unable to save her life.

Editor's Note: Even autistic children with attentive, loving parents sometimes die by accidental drowning because many are attracted to water and unaware of its dangers. The vast majority of such cases are tragedies only, with no one to blame, but this one is different because a child known to be in danger of drowning, with a parent known to neglect her children, died because she was unsupervised. Unlike most drowning deaths of autistic children, this one was preventable.

Clearwater, FL girl drowns in neighborhood pond
Innocent Lost: Kesia Kearse
Parents of 5-year-old autistic girl, Kesia Kearse, are asking for help to bury her

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