Matthew Graville

Matthew GravilleName: Matthew Graville
Died: July 1, 2012
Age at death: 27
Cause of death: Murder (Beating)
Location: Mazomanie, Wisconsin, USA

As a teenager, Matthew Graville lived in foster care and worked at McDonald's. His foster brother says he was happy; he loved "listening to rap music, watching funny movies, whittling walking sticks or sitting outside. Enjoying the simplicities of life… Sitting around a bonfire. Drinking soda. Watching fireworks go off. Playing catch in our yard. … Matt was a loving, kind, gentle soul."

When Matthew became an adult and moved out of the foster home, he moved in with a half-brother, who took advantage of his disability to abuse him physically and verbally, regularly beating him and shooting him with a BB gun on at least one occasion.

Matthew disappeared at the age of 27, and months later, his body was found. It was determined that his half-brother had beaten him, found him dead the next day, and stored his body in a freezer for some time before secretly burying him. Matthew's stepmother then stole his identity and used his food stamps.

The trial is still ongoing. Matthew's half-brother has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide.

UPDATE: Graville Murder Case: Vogelsberg Receives New Charge
Autistic man tortured and killed 'by his own half-brother' before he was buried in the woods'

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