Cameron Brookes

Cameron BrookesName: Cameron Brookes
Died: August 18, 2012
Age at death: 16
Cause of death: Suicide
Location: Tameside, Manchester, England, UK

Cameron Brookes, a teen from Manchester, played the guitar and had a girlfriend named Zoe. They'd been friends since they were thirteen and, at nearly 17, were inseparable.

Cameron had just completed his GCSEs, but his autism was causing him trouble. He would have meltdowns, often hurting himself and banging his head, and he struggled with depression. His parents, hoping for assistance, asked for help, but they were told that the only services available would be denied to Cameron because he was too "competent"–not disabled enough to qualify. Despite Cameron's obvious depression and self-injury, he and his family were denied services. His mother would call doctor after doctor, each time being told Cameron was fine. However, a psychiatrist noted Cameron's self-harm and his "pervasive feeling that he did not have a place in society".

After returning home, Cameron had an argument with his mother about the washing and about Zoe going on a camping trip. When he got agitated, she told him to stop being silly; Cameron responded by saying he wanted to move out on his 17th birthday. Then he stormed off to his room.

Cameron's mother became worried and called a social worker for advice. She was told to ignore Cameron, so Cameron's mother left him in his room.

Cameron sent his girlfriend a text message, saying, "I'm sorry." An hour later, he was found dead, having hanged himself.

A bench was dedicated to Cameron in his school's peace garden. A plaque on it reads, "You light the skies up above me. A star so bright you blind me. In memory of Cameron Brookes (student) 2012".

Schoolboy, 16, with Asperger's syndrome hanged himself in his bedroom after a petty argument about the laundry with his parentsTeenager found dead after family 'denied access to specialist service'
Young man who was denied specialist support services from local council sadly dies
School's garden tribute to tragic pupil Cameron Brookes

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