Majid Akhtar

Photo of a young man with brown skin and black hair, wearing a red shirt. He is squinting a little, and not smiling. In the background is a flower garden.Name: Majid Akhtar
Died: September 10, 2012
Age at death: 28
Cause of death:
Location: Nottingham, UK

Majid was on a day trip at King's Mill Reservoir with his aide from an adult care center. In the morning they had been out on the lake, but during lunch Majid communicated that he didn't want to go back out on the lake in the afternoon; so he was allowed to take his life jacket off and he and his aide went for a walk around the lake. The aide knew Majid needed constant supervision because of his epilepsy, but she spent her time texting on her cell phone instead of watching Majid. Due to her inattention, she did not notice when Majid walked away and fell into the water.

Eventually, Majid was found drowned, floating in the water at the edge of the lake, by some people who had been walking their dogs nearby. Majid had probably fallen in because he had a seizure, and the seizure would have made it impossible for him to hold his face out of the shallow water to breathe.

At a later inquest, the jury concluded that if Majid's aide had not failed to provide the one-to-one care he needed, he would have survived the incident. The carer was sentenced to four months in jail for her breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

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Carer jailed after autistic man drowned in a reservoir

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