Tristan Neiland

Photo of Tristan Neiland, a young child wearing pink flowered sunglasses. He has curly brown hair and fair skin.Name: Tristan Neiland.
Died: January 4, 2013.
Age at death: 6.
Cause of death: Medical neglect (Oxygen monitoring equipment not used).
Location: Dublin, Ireland.

Tristan’s parents describe him as healthy, happy boy who liked to run and play with his siblings.

Tristan had multiple disabilities, including epilepsy. He needed an oxygen monitor while he slept, and he was supposed to be checked on every fifteen minutes to make sure that he hadn’t kicked off the oxygen monitor.

Tristan died while he was in respite care. He was supposed to stay for the weekend, and his mother had given the center his oxygen monitor to attach to his big toe. But the respite center staff didn’t use the oxygen monitor, and so when Tristan had a seizure and stopped breathing, no one was there to help.

‘Tristan (7) left our house running and laughing and he came home lifeless’
Mother says boy died unnoticed, alone in respite care
Respite service apologise to parents of boy (6) who died in care
St John of God Community issue apology following death of boy, aged 6, in respite care
Mother of boy who died in respite care: ‘Our lives will never be the same’
Dublin respite service apologises to family over death of 6-year-old boy
Parents appeal for vigilance following death of son, 6, in respite care
Death Notice Of Tristan NEILAND, Dublin 18, Dublin, Ireland
Mum Receives Apology After Son, 6, Died In Respite Care
Augustus Cullen Law secure substantial settlement for death of child in respite home – Augustus Cullen Law Solicitors – Leading Irish Law Firm Since 1887
Couple whose son died after falling unconscious in respite care receive apology in settlement
Mum whose son died in care hopes his death made services ‘a safer place’
Inquest begins into death of child in respite care
Tristan’s (6) death in care not in vain, says mother
‘I miss him. Every single day’: Inquest held into death of six-year-old boy in respite care
Centre where Tristan Neiland died no longer takes ‘high medical needs’ kids

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