Timothy O’Brien

Photo: A young boy with pale skin and spiky brown hair, squinting into the sun, wearing a backpack and a red sweatshirt.Name: Timothy O’Brien
Died: January 5, 2013
Age at death: 14
Cause of death: Murder (Killed trying to defend stepfather)
Location: Scarsdale, Victoria, Australia

Timothy’s classmates often mention his “amazing smile”. He was a tiny, skinny boy. He was a gentle boy who was inseparable from his stepfather, Peter Williams; so when his stepfather received a call from a teenage girl who said she was scared of prowlers, Timothy came with his stepfather to check on her.

But the two had been lured into an ambush. Two men and a woman who hated Timothy’s father were lying in wait with a baseball bat and an axe, and they attacked Peter Williams. Timothy ran to defend his stepfather and was beaten to death with an axe. Timothy’s stepfather received head injuries from the baseball bat, but he survived.

A seven-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl witnessed Timmy’s death. The three assailants were tried for murder; one was sentenced to 26-30 years in prison.

Autistic boy, 14, killed with axe in ‘ambush’, court told
Pair face court over teen’s death as tributes flow for gentle soul who was bashed to death
Boy saw teen hit with axe, court told
Trio in court over Scarsdale teen’s alleged murder
Axe murderer sentenced to 30 years for autistic boy’s death

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