Joshua Maddox

Portrait photo of a teenage boy in a school uniform with black blazer and red-and-blue tie. He has fair skin, and his brown hair is swept up in a fauxhawk.Name: Joshua Maddox
Died: January 31, 2013
Age at death: 15
Cause of death: Suicide by hanging
Location: Wallsall, England, UK

Joshua, a good-looking tenth-year student, had ADHD and autism, which made his schoolwork difficult for him. His parents describe him as a boy who behaved as though he were much younger, whose body had gone through puberty but his brain had not, who had a personality more like a twelve-year-old’s than a fifteen-year-old’s. Perhaps that’s why he began dating a girl who was thirteen years old, two years younger than himself. Joshua was a talented artist, a soccer player, and a video-game player.

Joshua was bullied constantly and viciously. They made fun of his academic struggles, jeered at his girlfriend’s glasses, and called him a “paedo” because he was dating a younger girl. Joshua tried to put on a brave front, aware that if he asked for help the bullying would most likely just get worse. At the time of his death, Joshua had been dating his girlfriend for two months.

Just a month before his 16th birthday, Joshua hung himself in his room, and the next morning his sister found him dead.

Joshua’s courage shows on a Facebook memorial, where one of his classmates comments, “I will never forget the time I popped ur nose and u still had a smile on ur face.”

Detectives said that the death was “not being treated as suspicious”.

Schoolboy, 15, killed himself after months of cruel taunts from bullies over his learning difficulties
Joshua James Maddox, 15: Bullying Leads to Suicide in the U.K.

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