Naawal Sayid

Sayid, NaawalName: Naawal Sayid
Died: June 25, 2013
Age at death: 7
Cause of death: Negligence (Fell from high-rise; family denied safer accommodations despite known safety risk)
Location: London, England, UK

Naawal was a Somali girl who lived in London, in a high-rise apartment building. Her mother was well aware of the risk posed by the windows; she knew that Naawal did not have a good sense of danger and would try to climb out the windows. Naawal’s mother had requiested a ground-floor flat, but had been refused. Several professionals, including occupational therapists, support workers, and a pediatrician, had backed up her mother’s request. But they were still refused a safer place to live.

When her mother turned her back to answer the door, Naawal fell out the window, just as her mother had feared. She fell 120 feet to her death.

Nawaal Sayid: Girl killed after falling from 11th floor of tower block in Finsbury, North London as mum answered door
The autistic children who face a daily risk from living in a high rise block – Ros Wynne Jones

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