Dainell Simmons

Name: Dainell Simmons
Died: July 24, 2013
Age at death: 29
Cause of death: Killed by police during restraint
Location: Port Jefferson Station, New York, USA

For six years, Dainell lived in a group home. The place looked like an ordinary suburban house.

On the day of his death, Dainell had a meltdown because some of the other residents had come back with funnel cake, and he wanted some too but didn’t have any. He was running around, banging into walls, for about half an hour. Staff called the police.

By the time the police arrived, Dainell had calmed down and was sitting on the couch. But when they told him he was going to be handcuffed and transferred to a psychiatric ward for observation, Dainell panicked again.

At that point, police used a Taser (twice) and pepper spray to “subdue” Dainell. He lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital, where he died. Dainell had no police history.

A police spokesperson maintained that officers had acted appropriately. But in 2018, the city paid his mother $1.8 million to settle a lawsuit over his death.

Why is Dainell Simmons dead?
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