Stephanie Bincliffe

Stephanie BincliffeName: Stephanie Bincliffe
Died: August 2013
Age at death: 25
Cause of death: Neglect/Malpractice; Sleep apnea, heart disease
Location: Market Weighton, East Yorkshire, England, UK

Since the age of 16, Stephanie had lived on her own with an aide. But at 18, she was detained under the mental health act because she assaulted a boy at a supermarket. She spent the next seven years alone in seclusion, in a padded room at an “assessment and treatment center”.

Overweight when she entered the hospital, Stephanie was denied exercise, fresh air, and human contact. Through the hatch in her cell, staff at the hospital gave her low-quality food, and too much of it. She steadily gained weight until she began to suffer from sleep apnea, her airway closing as she slept and cutting off her airflow. She was denied showers, and had to clean herself with wet wipes for more than two years.

Without physical activity, alone and overfed, Stephanie’s health declined until one day she was found dead of heart disease and sleep apnea. At death, she weighed 350 pounds, 150 of it gained at the hospital, and had not left her padded room for at least two and a half years.

The hospital claimed that Stephanie’s aggression and self-injury made it impossible for her to have exercise or a nutritious diet. They had no plan to manage either Stephanie’s weight, her isolation, her forced inactivity, or the inevitable health problems that resulted.


East Riding hospital patient Stephanie Bincliffe died after gaining 10 stone during seven years in padded room
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Inquiry call after Nottingham woman’s hospital death
Hospital had no plan to tackle autistic woman’s weight gain, coroner rules
Stephanie died because she was imprisoned for being disabled. Thousands of others are still locked away

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