Isaiah Toole

Isaiah TooleName: Isaiah Toole
Died: November 1, 2013
Age at death: 16
Cause of death: Drowning (Accidental; negligence-related)
Location: Mount Holly, New Jersey, USA

Isaiah Toole and his mother were very close. Every Monday night the two would go to the movies, where Isaiah bought popcorn and Skittles.

Isaiah was attending an aquatics class at school. It was known he could not swim, and that he had to be watched at all times while in the water. Despite this, Isaiah drowned in an incident that was ruled "accidental".

Isaiah's mother contends that Isaiah was not being supervised at the time that he drowned, and another child had died by drowning there in 2002. She is troubled by the lack of communication from the police, and is considering a lawsuit.

Editor's note: This case is a borderline one. Isaiah's drowning may have been truly accidental, and no court has yet ruled on whether the school was negligent. However, I am including it because of the many incidents which result in the deaths of autistic people and, despite being due to negligence or even outright murder, are not investigated fully and the perpetrators never brought to justice. Whether Isaiah died by accident or because his school did not care enough to make sure he would not drown, this sixteen-year-old movie buff, dead too young, is a representative for many people whose stories we may never know. His mother will miss him dearly regardless.

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