Sarah Davies

Photo of Sarah Davies, a young woman with pale skin and brown hair. Her long hair is styled into curls. She is smiling at the camera.Name: Sarah Davies
Died: November 2013
Age at death: 24
Cause of death: SUDEP
Location: New Mills, Derbyshire, England, UK

Sarah had autism and epilepsy and lived in a care home. She was supposed to have 24-hour monitoring because of her epilepsy, and she was supposed to have medication to keep her epilepsy controlled.

But when she died, Sarah had not had one of her seizure medications for 11 days. And, despite the CCTV camera in her room that was supposed to be used to keep an eye on her, nobody noticed she was dead until someone came by in the morning to give her medication. Her death was nevertheless declared to be a natural one, a case of SUDEP–“sudden death in epilepsy”.

Sarah’s family was encouraged when, years later, an inquest was begun to determine if Sarah’s death had been due to malpractice or neglect. Unfortunately, her postmortem had been botched; without that critical evidence, the inquest could find no suspicious circumstances in her death.

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