Randle Barrow

Name: Randle Barrow
Died: December 14, 2013
Age at death: 8
Cause of death: Murder (Drowned)
Location: Huntsville, Alabama, USA

His behavioral therapist describes Randle Barrow like this: "Randle made every kid in his classroom smile constantly. He was hilarious; the happiest kid. He would do anything for anybody. If he saw a child upset, he cried for that child. He understood."

Randle's autism was moderate. He loved jokes and laughter and was able to communicate fluently. He attended a special school for autistic children.

When Randle was a baby, his father died in a car accident, and he was being raised by his mother. When his mother developed health issues, Randle went to stay with a family friend.

Only days after Randle returned to his mother's care, she took him to the Tennessee River, drowned him, and then went home and killed herself. She was said to be "overwhelmed by all the events in her life".

Deaths of mom, autistic child believed to be murder-suicide
Police: Randle Barrow’s Mother Drowned Him in Tennessee River, Then Killed Herself
Friends Of Randle Barrow Say His Mother Was Devoted, Caring
Police say autistic child was murdered by his mother

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