Robert L. Thaut

Name: Robert L. Thaut
Died: Jan. 28, 2014
Age at death: 25
Cause of death: Murder (Beating)
Location: Hamilton, Montana, USA

Robert Thaut was deeply affected by news of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. The shooter had Asperger's, and Robert "got depressed because he felt that this was going to be a reflection on him." After that incident, Robert's mental health became worse and he needed more psychological support. One comment on his obituary is that of a doctor who describes him as having a "good heart".

We know that Robert had a grandmother who loved him, since she paid his rent, visited him, and later on, came to the court appointment where his murderers were charged. He was her only grandson, and she mourns him deeply. She says that Robert liked to go out in the woods and make walking sticks from the branches he found there.

Robert was living on his own when he befriended a couple who, at the time, were living in their car with their child. Robert thought that they were his friends, but instead they used him for his house and stole his anxiety medication. On the day of his death, they got drunk and had an argument with Robert. Robert was found in his apartment, beaten to death. The couple, who were already wanted for drug charges, were arrested and have been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Robert's body was badly beaten, and there were shoe prints on his head and abdomen, consistent with having been viciously stomped. After the attack, Robert bled to death internally. He could have survived if his killers had called 911, but they did not; they waited several hours and tried to get people to help them clean up the crime scene.

Robert's ashes will be scattered in the mountains where his father's ashes were also scattered.

2 charged in January stomping death of Hamilton man
$200K bail set for 2 charged with killing autistic Hamilton man
Bitterroot Murder Victim Had Autism

4 thoughts on “Robert L. Thaut

  1. judy mendoza killed her grandson same as his dad,She used his money to pay rent,and withheld his checks whenever she wanted,she knew these people beat him yet never sought to get him help.yeah she really loved him


  2. Its too bad the grandmother was not charged as well as her accomplices,she did the same to his dad,and never answered for her crimes


  3. Robert Thaut was a sweet,loving and kind person.He worked hard getting along with everyone.He deserved alot better then he got.Heaven has a new angel ,he will always be missed.


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