“Ms. A.”

Name: “Ms. A.” (Unknown).
Died: September 2, 2014.
Age at death: Adult.
Cause of death: Untreated brain tumor.
Location: Inverness, Scotland.

Ms. A, whose name is not known, had a learning disability, physical disabilities, asthma, and chronic fatigue syndrome in addition to autism.

Beginning in December 2013, she began telling her doctor that she was having headaches. Doctors removed a nasal ulcer, but that did no good, and doctors failed to even review a CT scan of her sinuses. Ms. A continued having headaches, and they were getting worse. As the months passed, she began to complain of vomiting in addition to her headaches, but doctors did nothing.

By August of 2014, Ms. A’s mother had begun calling doctors on her behalf. On August 12th she was admitted to the hospital with severe pain. Doctors called it “occipital nerve compression” and sent her home.

Later that month, Ms. A. had a “shaking episode” and went to her doctor, and was finally given an appointment for an MRI scan on September 8th.

Ms. A. died on September 2nd.

Her brain tumor, which had been causing “red flag” symptoms for months, had killed her–and it had gone completely undiagnosed and untreated because doctors put her symptoms down to her disability. Upon autopsy, it was found that she had a hemangioblastoma–a benign brain tumor which can be surgically treated with a 90% success rate. Had it been discovered by early August, Ms. A.’s brain tumor would have been curable. Rather, despite multiple hospitalizations and doctor’s visits, doctors ignored her symptoms and left her to die.

NHS Highland in apology over care of woman who died from brain tumour
NHS Highland apologise over care of learning disabled woman who died from brain tumour
NHS Highland apologise over care of woman who died from brain tumour
NHS Highland rapped for ‘failing’ brain tumour patient
Disabled woman died after ‘red flag’ brain tumour symptoms missed

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