Nicholas Jones

Photo: A young man with fair skin and straight, short light-brown hair, wearing a white collared shirt with a Nike logo. He is smiling; the sun casts half his face in shadow.Name: Nicholas Jones.
Died: December 17, 2014.
Age at death: 27.
Cause of death: Neglect (Died from being left alone for more than 5 hours with breathing difficulties while in hospital).
Location: Bristol, England, UK.

Nicholas was hospitalized with a suspected ruptured kidney tumor. Although he had a severe learning disability and did not speak, he was moved out of the intensive treatment unit where he could be properly cared for and into the regular urology ward, where he was neglected. There, after surgery on his kidney, he contracted sepsis and his health deteriorated quickly. His mother tried to get the hospital to care for him properly, but they only saw her as a nuisance and ignored her.

Although Nicholas should have been on hourly checks, the ward nurses did not closely monitor his health and completely missed the breathing difficulties he experienced for five hours before his death from a mucus plug obstructing his airway. When he crashed, the nurse ran from the room; his mother was left to try to perform CPR on her dying son. Her efforts, and that of staff who arrived later, were futile; Nicholas stopped breathing and died.

Nurse cautioned after death of vulnerable autistic patient
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Woman forced to give autistic son CPR at Bristol hospital
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Coroner finds gross failures at hospital where mum performed CPR on son

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