Brandon Beukers

Name: Brandon Beukers
Died: February 12, 2015
Age at death: 25
Cause of death: Choked in a headlock
Location: Syracuse, Utah, USA

Brandon was mostly non-verbal and had a seizure disorder. He loved going to the beach and playing in the waves. He loved Disney movies, and his family once took him to Disneyland, where he learned how to say “Mickey Mouse”. He was an enthusiastic student who looked forward to school each day.

As a young man Brandon lived in a group home in a residential neighborhood. He often left the group home and went to a nearby house, thinking it was his own home. One night, Brandon went to that house and rattled the doorknob. When the homeowner opened the door, Brandon pushed into the house. The homeowner put him in a headlock until Brandon passed out. CPR was performed and Brandon was taken to the hospital, but he died two days later.

Suspect in reported burglary who died after headlock was autistic, lived in nearby group home
Investigation continues into death of autistic Utah man after alleged break-in
Brandon Paul Beukers

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