Ronald Wilderman

Photo of a man with light skin and brown hair and mustache, wearing khaki pants and a jacket. He is holding a bulldog in his lap.Name: Ronald "Ron" Wilderman
Died: May 31, 2015
Age at death: 57
Cause of death: Neglect (Complications of diabetes)
Location: Manitoba, Canada

"Ronald Wilderman was an animal lover, a voracious reader, and a sports fan who could rattle off stats like a pro. He was fascinated by coins from other countries and could quote foreign exchange rates. He was also greatly interested in Canadian politics.

Wilderman lived with his mother most of the time until he was 40. A series of attempts to place him in alternative living arrangements failed. For a time, he chose to live at the Salvation Army before finally taking to the streets.

In December 2013, fearing for Wilderman's well-being, [Ron's sister] applied to the courts to secure a mental health order for her brother… [Ron] then spent 11 days at the Health Sciences Centre to stabilize his diabetes and… was diagnosed as globally incompetent."

Unable to care for himself, Ron needed to be monitored to make sure he ate well and took medication for his diabetes. He lived in an apartment of his own, and a health agency was supposed to send a support worker to monitor him. They were being paid to send a support worker to help him 12 hours a day, every day.

But then Ron was found dead in his apartment. He had died from complications of his diabetes, and his death had not been noticed for several days; evidently, no one had been monitoring him as they were supposed to do. Nobody had even been to his apartment in four days.

Ron's sister, Elizabeth Rosenberg, is working with the regional health authority, investigating what went wrong and why Ron's care was neglected.

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Family struggles to find out how a man died while in the care of social work agency
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