Kennedy LeRoy

Name: Kennedy LeRoy
Died: June 12, 2015
Age at death: 16
Cause of death: Suicide (Hanging)
Location: Chino Hills, California, USA

Kennedy struggled to survive bullying at school for years, and despite a "no-contact contract", the bullying did not stop.

At sixteen years old, Kennedy succumbed to depression and committed suicide.

He left a suicide note that said, in part, "One of the biggest reasons why I killed myself is to prevent suicides. Maybe my death will make people realize that words can hurt as much as, if not more than, physical blows. I want to prevent anyone I can from hurting."

Kennedy LeRoy: Bullied Teen Commits Suicide In Hopes That His Death Will End Bullying, Chilling Suicide Note Says
Teen's Suicide Note Says He Wished To Stop Bullying With His Death
A Bullied Teen with Aspergers Committed Suicide. His Parents Hope the Note He Left Will Help Others

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