Tavin Price

Name: Tavin Terrell Price (sometimes spelled "Tevin")
Died: June 12, 2015
Age at death: 19
Cause of death: Shooting
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Tavin was a young man approaching adulthood, but living with his mother because of his autism and intellectual disability. His mother had planned to open a laundromat together with him.

Tavin and his mother had stopped at a car wash on their way to the beach when they were approached by a group of people who demanded he take off his red shoes because they were associated with a gang in the area. Tavin froze, then ran to his mother, who told him to get to the car so they could leave. Tavin's mother tried to defend him, explaining that he wasn't in a gang, that he was "slow". But as Tavin headed toward the car, they shot him in the back and then in the chest. He died later that day at the hospital.

Three days later, a bereaved family posthumously celebrated Tavin's twentieth birthday, lighting candles and releasing balloons at the car wash where he had been fatally shot.

4 arrested in shooting death of disabled teen in South Los Angeles
Tavin Price, Innocent Boy Murdered
'Mommy, I don’t want to die': Special needs teen shot dead at car wash in broad daylight after refusing to hand over his red sneakers to gang member
19-year-old man shot at South Los Angeles car wash for wearing red shoes
3 Men, 1 Woman Arrested in Fatal South L.A. Shooting of Teen Over His Red Shoes
Family mourns 19-year-old killed at car wash over red shoelaces
2 Men Sentenced in Killing of Man Over Red Shoes
Gang Members Get More Than 50 Years in South L.A. Killing of Teen Over Red Shoes
Hotbed of gang violence: City sues to ban gangsters from red tennis shoes murder site

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